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Bored? Here are some things that have kept me busy

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Being stuck in quarantine can get very boring and you might be going stir crazy. However, take this time to do something you've always wanted to do and may not have had the time or dedication previously.

A lot of my readers probably have had online classes and a major increase in work that has to get done. It is vital that during this time you make an effort to do something for yourself to keep not only your mental but as well as your physical self healthy.

Here are a few things that I've been doing for fun to keep myself occupied...

I have always wanted to learn a unique language that a school has never offered. Once I graduate I hope to be able to travel to quite a few countries, so I figured why not try to learn a language to aid in my travel. Duolingo offers tons of different languages to learn and can teach the same amount of knowledge from a semester at school. It is so easy and fun and helps keep your brain motivated for your real school work.

Now for those that want no part of adding more school work to their lives, I have also been able to do a lot more baking and cooking. I always loved to try something new and fun to cook and now I have the time to do so. On Easter, I made an entire brunch for my family, which included: pancakes, chocolate chip scones, fruit, and of course mimosas and cake.

I have also made plenty of cookies and brownies, while trying various recipes. My all time favorite thing that I have made recently was the infamous pineapple dole whip from Disney.

Making Dole Whip at Home

The recipe is pretty self explanatory and extremely easy to make...

Step 1: grab a blender and add the frozen pineapples and pineapple juice

Step 2: give that mix a quick blend to breakup the frozen pineapple

Step 3: add the ice cream and finish blending

Step 4: add to bowl and enjoy the tasty refreshing treat!

One of the last few things I have been doing to keep myself busy is catching up on some of my Netflix shows and YouTube videos. There has been so much hype over a few shows on Netflix and I figured why not give them a try. The show Tiger King has been breaking the internet with memes all over the place and of course TikToks. I became so invested into this show that I hate to admit it but I finished the season in less than 2 days.

Another show that people have been raving over is, All American. I told myself that I would not follow the crowd... however boredom got the best of me. I am so glad I started watching this show because I absolutely love it! If you were a big fan of Friday Night Lights, then you will definitely enjoy watching All American.

A few other things you can do to keep the boredom away...

  • Hop on the trend and make Tik Toks

  • Start a new hobby... baking, art, cooking, crafting

  • Find a new movie to watch every day

  • create a new project like decorating your room

XOXO Lauren

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